back up your saves!

so due to hosting provider stuff, itch is changing the domain they host playable-on-itch games from at some point in the next 90 days. this means if you have existing savegames for any games that you play on, they'll become unreachable once they switch over. the new hive lets you export savegames natively so you should be able to just export the relevant saves and then import them after the switch over, though uh there's no similar import/export for system data like 'sex scenes unlocked'. your browser should have some way to let you manually extract/set the actual localStorage data -- in firefox it's through the right-click inspect menu and then switching over to 'storage'. all the values you'd want would be somewhere in the entry; the only key the new hive uses is Twine.THE NEW HIVE.__saves. this goes for all games on, not just mine, so back up what you want. i don't know offhand how you'd access those values after things stop being hosted from v6p9d9t4.ssl.hwcdn, so, you know, do it while you sill have access, though the files should stick around on your computer after the switch so they should still be recoverable.

also testing some of the savegame stuff makes me realize it doesn't work entirely correctly from an empty start, so, uh, i'll try to fix that too in 1.2. whoops.

i was not expecting to make a new news post so rapidly after that prior one but that's how things go i guess.

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