starting work on 1.2

so i started work on a 1.2 patch recently! i tend not to, uh, be the most communicative wrt dev work since in practice i pingpong between a half-dozen different projects, most of which probably will never see completion, and i kinda figure that doesn't look great. so, total silence, instead.

anyway, mostly what i've done so far is i added a way to revisit any sex scenes you've unlocked via the sex scene list, plus a little 'tf editor' attached to it to see the scene variations. that all works and is implemented; there's a sneak peak on my patreon if you want to look at it as it currently stands. i also fixed a few bugs and added a minor tf or two. the idea for the patch involves adding some more lateral content for various characters, so the humans don't instantly vanish when they move to the village / the gheist don't lose all interactivity once you do their survey mission. just adding some depth to village interactions, mostly. we'll see if i stick with that; who knows. i'd be interested in hearing what people think of the game as it stands currently + their thoughts on what kinda stuff i should add (yeah, more porn, probably).

the random side project i've been working on for the past week is this thing, a kind of... superhero-themed porn game that's mostly actually just strip blackjack. we'll see if i do anything with that. there's also, uh, whatever this is. that might not even be pornographic at all! oh yeah and there's still that ff7 barret-centric fangame, which i haven't really worked on since the last time i posted it (oof) a year and a half ago. but it is still there.

also i noticed i hit 1k followers on itch a while back. huh. that's weird! i'm glad you all like my weird gay monster porn game!

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While I know they're bare bones, how many of the endings are in the superhero game?  I can only seem to get kiss/true form rainbow dragon and show for a bunch of fans.

they should all be reachable i think -- the way it works is that it cycles through 'fight' -> 'tower scene' -> 'another fight' loop, counting up the way the fights end.

winning with any part of your suit still on gets you 'rainbow dragon' points, winning stripped to underwear / jock / naked gets you 'strip' points, and losing gives you 'infection' points. once one of them hits three, you get the relevant ending after the fight. so the other two endings you haven't got should be gettable by losing fights: one with the 'bad ending' flag turned on, the other with it turned off.

Got a "<<print>> bad expression: opts is undefined" error when losing on purpose with Bad Ends disabled and losing twice with Bad Ends enabled.

oh yeah iirc that's just something that happens randomly -- i didn't write every possible strip order permutation so some of them error out if they happen to be drawn randomly. i think that's what that error means, at least. really with that game it's much more of a proof-of-concept than anything at all usable/playable

so, idk, what'd you think of it? obviously it's a little hard to say since it's so minimal, but, y'know, whatever thoughts you had would be nice to hear

As far as the base idea goes, I'm into it.  I'm not super into insane amounts of muscles and less into CoC or Flexible Survival-esque noncon-based combat loss, but I do like the idea of guys in superhero suits and animal bits having sex with each other.  I'm definitely most interested in the team and the other wandering superheros.  I don't know if you're planning enemies with more personality than tentacle traps/zombies, but I will say heel-face turns by villains are pretty common in the sentai-sphere.  I'm cool with the combat, a light and easy-to-understand system for a light sort of game.

hah, yeah, i always found a lot of the sexual assault sexy rpg fights goofy and dumb. and i mean, i still do, it's just tht this is a goofy and dumb game concept, so,,,

tbh i'd probably want to tone down the tentacle groping if the sexual assault flag is turned off but that would mean writing even more strip splices. but ideally if it's turned off they'd only want to, you know, cocoon you up and nonsexually infect and murder you. aaanyway

i had kind of considered some goldar-esque lieutenant, but that would probably involve broadening the scope of the game (climactic boss fight? romance path??) so idk if i want to really commit to that. probably if i 'finish' it, the first draft will just be what's already outlined there: one scene each with each of the team members, plus whatever incidental interactions in the various 'they save you from tentacles' scenes. plus incidental scenes with the public/other superheroes. i mean i do have a handful of other scenes for a theoretical 'real life' section of the game where you're not transformed, but, i don't exactly want to turn it into a life sim either.


Just got into this recently, have 16 hours in it so far. Something I find I really like with this, is it scratches my itch for a game as much if not more than my itch for erotica. I often like playing porn games for the non-erotic mechanisms, but usually I think of them as porn first and a game second. Playing this, I don't think I've once gone into it like "mm, I want some porn, I'll play Hive". It's always "Oh it'd be really fun to go do some crafting and exploring and npc meeting in Hive!! Oh, this scene looks fun, I'll do this one then go back to exploring." It's just a really fun time, with a LOT of cool settings, and really likable characters so far.

Thank you for your work!


HI it's so good to hear from you! ♡ honestly i'm sure whatever you make will end up being awesome :) 

haha, well, thank you!

oh cool dude happy to hear it i really enjoyed this one

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I'm just glad you find the time to make MC of the new hive versatile (leaning towards being sub but nonetheless), most text TF games with male/male content are about guys becoming girls or staying subs without much choice in a sex role. Your game for me became a breath of fresh air in such a genre, so keep up your work in own pace.

hah, yeah, i know there are a bunch of people mad at tfgamessite for being almost-all m2f stuff, but hey there's always room for making your own stuff, you know? anyway glad you like this game!