1.1c + discord

so i fixed the OOB glitch with the new worldmap keyboard movement; hopefully that's the last major issue with the 1.1 release (although of course if you find any new bugs please tell me)

in other news, i've been hanging around on a gay gamedev discord with some other gamedevs -- unrulydogboy of demitransference, berylforge of campus magnum, alexxxx of reform school, and others -- and i finally decided to ask for a dedicated channel for my stuff, & i'll probably be posting links there, as well as here, to various other projects i'll be working on, so if that's of interest to you then check it out: https://discord.gg/FVEWhHzTzf

(i've generally avoided forums & discords & the like because i reallyyyy do not want to have to administrate anything, but since this is a shared server i don't have to shoulder all of the admin load so that's nice)

also it should hopefully go without saying, but the discord is 18+

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