suggestions for 1.1 patch

so, been working on a 1.1 patch for a bit (as well as an entirely new game project but that's a whole other thing), and in a while i'll be in a place where i can devote some more focused time and energy to working on it. 

this is going to be a general-purpose patch that tweaks and expands content all throughout the game. it has a few things already in place -- use of the whole crafting mechanic, early-game 'quests' involving some new NPCs,  new overworld encounters, finishing some cut content and smoothing out some character interactions with new scenes, etc -- but i'm sure i haven't caught everything.

i've noticed i've racked up a bunch of follows on itch (not that i really... know how that works. does posting a devlog alert everybody who's watched me?)  so i figured i should actually ask around. so: what content in the game would you most like to see fleshed out (new encounters, or mechanics, or interactions with characters, or whatever else), or what content in the game did you think was the roughest?

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personal preference i would just like some more scenes where we can be the top, almost every seen has us getting fucked or sucking dick, djen is my favourite just for the fact he is a bottom

haha, that's fair; that's a fairly common response that i've heard. i'll probably be trying to add in a little more branching in the sex scenes so that characters with bottom options have them better surfaced, and that more characters have mutual or bottoming sex options

thank you hun, sorry for fussing over an "issue" you are already planning to adress (as much as simple preference could be called an issue)

To my knowledge, everyone who follows Xax receives a notification/email when you put out a notice.

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Okay, sounds like you're directly asking for feedback. So, here it is.

Roughest parts:
I can't use WASD or ^<v> for easy navigation/movement.
Can't speed up/slow down 'infections' for transformations.
Extremely limited time outside the city before needing to camp(5-6 tiles I think?)
Extremely limited inventory. (5 or 6 items at a time, and can't 'bundle' same type items, but can at home)
Small amount of 'creatures' to interact with.
At present, no real point to the game.

Constructive Criticism: 
Code key shortcuts (Things like E to interact/speak, Q to Dig/scavenge, Spacebar to skip text, etc)
Possibly offer a %Infection complete during sleep interludes/dreams.
Offer a way to create an item(personal shield, automatic shelter, etc) that could prevent dangerous UV/Radiation from affection Player, or give shelter in sand storms.
Bundle items when scavenging(Possibly have a weight limit tied to mutations that isn't visible to the player)
Add 'life' to the desert. Maybe a black tar ooze creature near the big wuff, more insectoid creatures to interact with, maybe a terrifying encounter with an absolutely monstrous spider? I personally would prefer something along the lines of 20 or so creatures to interact with, beyond the current cast of NPC's. But that's just me.
As for game direction/endgame scenarios, I'm assuming you'd have paths for Brulvundojn, each of the Gheist team, or just the team, Astau's dreams of starting a new colony, and possibly the giants to the north.

Requests/Suggestions for content: 
More of the truly strange in regards to breeding partners.
Maybe 'submissive' creatures/npc's to help nudge up the pie% to something more equal.
Maybe an underground lake area, guarded by a 'beast' NPC that purifies the water.
Maybe some information on what crafting actually nets you.
Maybe some information on 'intent' for end game, Such as a warning that if you sleep with the big wuff, you lock out Gheists or Giants for endgame content, or something similar. Wouldn't need to be much, just an extra line of dialogue such as 'You have a feeling that if you follow through, your entire world will change'.

Thank you immensely for the game, the thoughts, the ideas, and the crazy utter batshit that is your world. When I completely stumbled upon this game, I wasn't all that interested. I played around a little, and got intrigued. I then found myself involved in acknowledging fetishes I had no clue I was into. So from the deepest depths of my heart, I thank you immensely for your world.

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hey, thanks for the extensive comment! it can be real difficult to actually get people's thoughts about the game, so it's always good to hear something pretty exhastive.

hmm, keyboard shortcuts probably wouldn't be doable without a lot of extra effort, but i'll definitely consider stuff like movement shortcuts for my next project.

i've been thinking about some kind of travel/storage crafting upgrade, but i'm actually not totally sure how much i want to actually add in, like, gameplay; since i don't really want to like, require people to grind for materials to make something to reach a new area, that means that the gameplay is always gonna be really lateral and the mechanics aren't actually gonna be very relevant. but i guess i could include something that makes 'progression' easier.

one of the things on the to-do list is different pregnancy/egg-laying resolutions based on whose eggs you're carrying, so even if there's not a full 'astau ending' i'm planning on adding at least an extra scene or two where you return to him to lay his eggs & have a bit more follow-through with him.

there's at least one new worldmap monster encounter definitely slated for 1.1, but i haven't been sure how full i want to stuff the world map -- it feels kind of weird to have a dozen different giant monsters within a day's walk from this remote desert town. in very early development i'd planned for a total of five or six (giant worm, fire monster, big insect, big snake, acid sea-goat, etc), but between the associated transformations + all the various khru threesomes (and other interactions) i'd need to write i ended up cutting a bunch of that. that being said, yeah right now the worldmap is pretty empty.

also you're welcome! yeah when i was writing the game i really wanted to make something that was... more extreme than a lot of the porn games i'd seen before? or like, touching on things i was interested in that i rarely saw in other porn games, so i'm glad to hear that it has that same pull to others.

Is the tanker still going to block the resources of whatever tiles it is generated on?


i could definitely change it so it doesn't do that
(i also have changed the distribution of resources so that fewer things are unique to one map square, so hopefully that would be less of a problem in general)

I think the final scene of the game could be beefed up a bit. You get three choices: fuck a dude, join the orgy, or just watch. Each of those options only has a couple lines of dialogue associated with it, from what I could tell. It would be nice if there were a bit more to those scenes.


yeah, that's pretty reasonable. when i was writing the endgame scene i actually bracketed out 22 different subscenes that get selected into the orgy in some configuration depending on who's there and how some of the character subquests have gone, and the thought of adding (at least) 22 distinct sex scenes to my todo list, and finishing all of those before i could post the game, was pretty disheartening. but i could probably stand to write, like, a few, since as it is it's pretty underwhelming.