1.0e bugfix

this one took a while and some of the bugs it fixes are kind of embarrassing in retrospect. copy of the changelog in the game itself, as usual.

  • added rudimentary save importing and exporting, for moving multiple saves around
  • did some light editing on Jinn's knotting impregnation sex scene
  • fixed scripting errors with Maxwell's exile sequence (hopefully)
  • restructured the Leraje exile sequence so it shouldn't have a similar error
  • fixed some busted ifchecks in Leraje's exile sequence
  • fixed a bug with running out of time during the siege not actually forcing the out-of-time sequence
  • fixed a few formatting issues with stray \s showing up
  • fixed the largest-dick-taken code so it should work properly in the 'you' bio and in descriptive fragments in a few scenes
  • fixed a bunch of busted ifchecks in the siege section and aftermath
  • fixed a really embarrassing endgame bug that just spewed some raw code out there
  • added some crafting recipes but they're still not used for anything yet so don't worry about it


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Apr 29, 2020

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