1.1 release!

the 1.1 release is finally out! hopefully you didn't all get like 12 alerts from all the times i had to reupload to fix a bug i noticed literally right after i released, whoops.


  • overall, around 80,000 more words of content, including 22 new sex scenes:
    • added 5 new NPCs:
      • ara, in the village
      • omero, in the village
      • manĝema, wandering on the world map near the flame pits
      • chul-chak, at the new radio tower location
      • the storm king, wandering on the world map during sandstorms
    • new sex scenes in existing encounters:
      • sheathfuck option for gawann during his survey
      • fisting top option for pthuul during his survey
      • new cock-fuck option for ophion
      • another topping option for after khru gets fucked by astau/brulvundojn during his survey
        • as a special variant of this scene, if you have a dog dick and take him to visit astau you can fertilize his eggs & impregnate him
  • totally revised the savegame system! now there are save slots! your old save should autoconvert over to the new save system
  • added sex-scene tracking and in-game scene notices for paths that lead to a new sex scene. you can see it any time you can save (i.e., at camp or in town), or on the title screen. during the game, choices leading to sex scenes you haven't seen yet will be highlighted. there are both different sex scenes reached behind the same link, based on different conditions, and different ways to reach the same sex scene, so this should clarify some things.
  • crafting actually has a purpose now!
    • two of the new NPCs have crafting 'quests'; another one of the new NPCs is a trader
    • you can now fix the tanker & use it to scavenge with
  • changed the way recently-collected items are stored while out on the world map
  • expanded the world map to the east & added a new location (radio tower)
  • fixed a whole bunch of minor errors and reachability issues
    • if you somehow manage to get back to town after knocking up jinn but before he pumps the eggs into you, he still pumps the eggs into you when you enter the village
    • getting fucked by zhalk after getting impregnated by astau as part of jinn's survey sequence will now set those eggs to be fertilized
    • the scavenge spot will no longer prevent digging on that world map square
    • resolved some logic errors in djen's topping scene about deciding which part to tf
    • fixed a logic issue that made leraje's exile sidequest totally uncompletable. whoops!
    • fixed a variable typo that made it impossible to get a bunch of talk options from agares & leraje during the scene (this is maybe part of why people found it so difficult to 'win')
    • no more error messages in one of rook's sex scenes
    • fixed logic errors in pthuul's camp sequence
    • the pregnant camp milking scene is no longer a mass of errors
    • ophion no longer rejects you forever if you turn down your first lightrot injection
    • fixed some missing transformation splices and a continuity issue in the post-birthing pregnancy camping scene
    • various spelling and grammar issues
    • various small errors
    • (lots others not listed; i wasn't writing them all down)

please tell me if you have any issues with the savedata autoconverter, since that's the part i'm most concerned about -- i've tested it a bunch, but since it has the potential to obliterate your saves uhh i'd like to hear about any issues there before they affect many people.


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Mar 12, 2022
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Mar 12, 2022

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HI idk if i will have the opportunity to play again soon, but i just wanted to say

  • you're awesome
  • sounds wonderful ♡
  • can't wait to try everything

Nice. I will mention that the storm king does cause an "unhandled dick size" error, but thanks for all of the additions!


whoops! i'm gonna collect a few more bugs like that and then put out a minor bugfix release in a bit


Much love Xax, and ty for your work!