1.1b minor bugfixes + WSAD movement

so i made some small tweaks and bugfixes to the 1.1 release after getting some feedback + bug reports. the most notable thing is now you can move using WSAD on the world map rather than clicking the north/south/west/east links, & there's text explaining that on the worldmap passage. aside from that, mostly just some balance tweaks and a few bugfixes.


  • added key-based navigation to the worldmap. you can use WSAD to move north/south/west/east, if movement in that direction is available
  • minor fixes
    • fixed a missing cock-size line for the storm king, on the PC description page
    • fixed a variable typo that prevented the hands/feet fur transformation from ever completing
    • you no longer perpetually use the tanker to scavenge after you've used it once


  • added several more places to dig up the 'crumbling gear' item + made it more likely to get
  • added some new recipes that let you make a reusable 'gear mold', which lets you make new gears using only scrap metal


hive-1.1b_dl.html 2 MB
Mar 19, 2022
hive-1.1b.html 2 MB
Mar 19, 2022

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Glad to see this is still getting updates! I really love this world you've made.

Ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty! That's been bugging me ever since I started playing, but I didn't want to be an ass and complain about a movement choice in a free game. Especially one that introduced me to things I was unware of liking.

> This comment in no way states the person or people who commented about the movement choice are asses. Please do not take this comment as a form of attack.