game bundle + other stuff i've been working on

i have no clue to what degree itch surfaces this to people following me, but 'the new hive' is part of the #FuckingCensorshipBundle, which is a game bundle made in response to the whole gamejolt thing. like the bundle page says, all proceeds go to SWOP behind bars.

in other news uhhh let's see

a posted that ff7 fangame on itch after some expansions -- it's at 50k words now -- although i haven't worked on it much in a while. it's over here for now. the password is 'barret' & you should probably remember that since afaik it doesn't get saved if you put the game into a collection or w/e on itch

for a while i tried to make separate 2-week gamedev projects but of course the issue there is that i never really finished them since they were too-big concepts, so i kept returning to certain ones until they became Game Projects on their own. but i recently uploaded those to my website so now they're at least something to look at even if they're not really 'playable' as 'games'

part of the reason i've been working on that kinda stuff is b/c i'm pretty burnt out on porn games for now and also b/c i am not feeling super optimistic about the future of any kind of sexual content freely accessible on the web, but i mean, we'll see how things go. i keep writing porn at least :V

and on that note i've recently been taking fic prompts over on my dreamwidth and crossposting some of them to my ao3 so you know, check those out and leave a prompt if you're interested. i've been trying to get back into the habit of writing and it turns out short fills like that kinda help me with writer's block.

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will you ever continue new hive


i'm actually putting the finishing touches on a major "1.1" patch (that has about 80,000 new words of content) right now, so hopefully that should all be ready to post before too much longer