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image in link of a syntax break

wasnt sure where else to put this, but loving your work, and spotted a bug.


litterally no idea what the point of the crafting mechanic was, just got bored of it and stopped after a while... ANYWHO! loved the game! the characters, the story, the world building, everything! oh! and i've been looking around at comments and such and it seems you have another game? hell game i think it was? i couldnt find where to play it so i thought i'd ask since you seem very involved with your playerbase/fanbase (which sidenote i think is great :)) i actually made an itch account just so i didnt lose track of the game, thats how much i enjoyed it! anywho thats the end of my comment.

hey, i'm glad you liked the game!

hell game is hosted over here, though it's less of a 'game' with a 'plot' and more a collection of demon & monster porn sex scenes.

(crafting has no practical use but if i ever finish the 1.1 patch it'll be used in a few places for sidequest stuff)

the link seems to no longer be working?

yeah, the sysadmin who manages the domain is going through some stuff and is presumably unable to host the domain. it might be back up in a month or so, or maybe i'll have to rehost it somewhere else.

ok! Lemme know when its back up, quite like the ‘game’ its really well done 

it's back up! also, glad you're enjoying the game; it was a lot of work but maybe a little too ambitious for a first project.

Could we get an .exe?

unfortunately, probably not. there is already a downloadable .html file, if you can run that locally, and the direct url to's hosting server is, if either of those help. but it's not super practical for me to make a whole electron wrapper for the game and try to support that across a bunch of platforms.

Did you ever finish species recombination? I found the first chapter, really enjoyed it, and was wondering if you had a second one that was published?


hah, that's a blast from the past. the thing with that fic is that i've actually written something like 100,000 words of it, but it's all in fragmentary half-finished chapters, so the reason why i never posted any more of it is because i never finished enough of 'chapter 2'.

that being said, i've linked the wip a few times and it's currently uploaded on my server if you feel like wading through a whole lot of disconnected gears of war porn.


I appreciate that. You are an excellent writer with an excellent vocabulary. I write quite a bit myself, working on a wester/fantasy horror novel with LGBT characters. I know it's off topic, just wanted to shoot you some encouragement. Writing can be cathartic, but it is not an easy endeavor.


Wonderful game!! As an androgynous, femme boy though, I'm not very keen on the  limited pc customization options.... but other than that, superb worldbuilding and sexy monster men!!!!! Wow!! <3 


Sir I have to say that you are absolutely amazing ( at least for me ). I've thoroughly enjoyed the entirety of the game and as a submissive  bottom you made me very happy. Although sometimes overly descriptive , I feel like that it just adds to your personal style , thus is a very good thing nonetheless. I really hoped to have more action with Ophion the half titan.

At the end you said that you feel proud about your game and accomplishment and you SHOULD feel that way ,because your writing is stunning (again, at least for me).

I've also read some other of your creations like :

- HELL GAME - It was very nice , not enough content to satiate me though( but that's my problem so don't worry ahah), I loved the minotaur , the nightmare, the claymen and the half-slime the most, again wonderful writing.

-Deep Within the forest- very little content sadly, but one thing hit me , you mentioned Kikinak and the Secret of killing , which if memory serves me , are a character and an item respectively from jade cocoon : The legend of the tamamayu. If i'm right then I can only appreciate you more and you certainly have good taste in games.

I apologize  for the lengthy  message , but I wanted to express what i think properly , also I didn't know where to contact you without seeming inappropriate ( like messaging you directly).

To wrap it up , you are amazingly great Sir , keep doing what you're doing please , because you do it very well. I wish You the best and be happy ^^.


hey! thank you for the long comment! it's always good to get feedback on my stuff, and i'm glad you enjoyed my writing. it's definitely true it can sometimes be a little bit wordy, but at this point, yeah, that's just part of my style.

yeah, as you may have noticed, 'deep within the forest' in general is heavily based off of jade cocoon, it's just that i never got it finished to the point of fully removing all the jade cocoon names i was using as reference. it's definitely one of the old PS1 games i think back to fondly.

I managed to impregnate Jinn (without me being pregnant myself) and go back to camp before he transfers the eggs to me, but it says that I was also pregnant and brought him to Astau, when I didn't. It's fine but just wanted to point it out.


whoops, i guess i had assumed it was impossible to get from the survey site back to the village without camping? something like that. so that when that scene didn't trigger the game state was in a weird state. i'll look at the logic there and fix it for the next patch.

Thanks for the reply, would it be possible in the future that we would be able to impregnate/egg other people? Like Astau perhaps? It was so much fun being the top rather than the bottom imo! I just really liked Jinn's scenes :D


well, in the 1.1 update i've been working on there are a few more impregnation scenes -- one with khru, but only under fairly specific circumstances (start with a dog dick + bring him to astau + fuck him afterward), and another with a new great beast npc -- but i haven't actually coded up the pregnancy progression there yet. i've actually kind of written myself into a corner with impregnation scenes due to how i've said reproduction works, since there needs to be somebody around to provide the eggs and there are only like, three characters in the game that can do that.

How about something like in the start-up, where we add our points to the specific body part we want, we can choose between the dog dick and an ovipositor dick? Though I don't know how you'll go along that.

actually really early on in development i had plans for something like that -- a monster tf for each of the initial body options, including one that was an ovipositor -- but i had to cut all of them except for the dog dick, since each one is a huge amount of extra work. having that dog dick tf was maybe the single most labor-intensive design decision i made for the entire game, since it meant having to write totally different variants for about half the sex scenes in the game, plus entirely different interaction branches sometimes, plus a bunch of NPC dialog about it. doing that over again would mean writing, like, 100k more content easily. it's kind of unfortunate, since originally i had planned for a bunch more dick-tf options, but ultimately the sheer amount of work required made it pretty infeasible to do it

soooo i managed to get the vehicle hauled back and built a lightrot engine. Am i not able to actually do anything with said engine?


yeah, currently the vehicle-repair part of the game just kind of stops, without you being able to do anything meaningful with it. basically none of the crafting stuff at all does anything in the current game version.

This game is great! I'm having a problem with Djen though, I finished his quest but I can't return him for some reason and while I love him, I kinda wanna try out some of the other guys. If this is a bug, is there some way to fix it?

(Also will you make a not-Chrome/web-based version of this game someday?


Thanks! Djen's quest does require you to visit multiple locations; I think three in total? The survey event should say either 'head further along the coast for more' or 'now we can head back to town' as you visit locations, and if you still can't return to town after getting that second message then that's a bug.

(Probably not? I do some non-text, 3D gamedev stuff, but that's a whole other kettle of fish in terms of production that would mean I'd basically have to redo the entire game.)

LOVE it, can't wait for more

Dirty in the hottest way possible, can't wait for more <3

Wow really awesome game,can't wait for the next update

Deleted post

when you're in town or camping, there's a 'save game' link on the left sidebar. i should probably make it higher-contrast in the future, because it is pretty missable right now

Deleted post

xax I see you like city building and terraforming as well ! 

will there be a sequel where we go into the hive and fuck more sexy creatures ?


well, that was definitely the plan originally -- there's actually a bunch of cut content still in the game's files about the trip to the hive -- but given the amount of writing that would be (yeah, it would be a whole other game; one that's even bigger) i don't think i'll ever realistically get around to writing it all.

all good , thanks ^^

Oh, man. I feel like there's a lot to unpack here, so apologies in advance if this gets a little unwieldy.

I have a lot of praise for this game, especially for the writing and worldbuilding. Some of the things in this game I already knew I was into to some extent, but the descriptions are so wonderfully vivid that things that'd normally repulse me didn't phase me at all. I also appreciate that you made the world itself fairly open, but still worked out a plot that makes perfect sense.

As far as issues, criticisms, and suggestions go (I'm not sure what's a bug and what's just incomplete), there's a few things on my mind; gonna number them just to keep it tidy.

1. Brulvundojn's misspelled as "Brolvundojn" at least once, during the "knock me up" scene. Wouldn't be a big issue, but I'm not sure how to pronounce his name in the first place, so it threw me off a bit. Also, the word "spar" is used to refer to cocks multiple times... Do you mean "spear?" In that case, it's misspelled in every instance that I've noticed.

2. I get a "can't find matching endif" error when walking up to Raven at the caves. His sex scenes seem to be tied directly to the ones he had while the town was occupied, and "so what are you doing around here" is the only thing you can ask him. Nothing changes if you go back to town, so there's no way to get him to move to town.

3. Once the soldiers move into town, or if they "stay," they vanish. These two prompts are the only ones I've seen:

  • you first see Max sitting in the ĝheist camp w/ Khru sitting on his lap
  • Raven, out of his gear, is waiting at the edge of the village, sitting on the old cobblestone wall

After that, they're just.. gone. No way to interact with them again (Though the glass mountain cave still says there's smoke coming from it even after Leraje leaves). Not sure if this is a bug or if they're just unfinished, but I'd really like to see it addressed, even if as something like a "postgame storyline" of a sort. Raven's probably my favorite character, and I bet he'd love to meet Brulvundojn... Threesome~?

4. I know it's been mentioned before, but only moving four tiles before being forced to camp gets frustrating quickly. Changing it to 5 or 6 would help a lot, I think. Also, if there's a way to fix the movement buttons to a specific spot regardless of other text on the page, I think that'd help a great deal, too.

5. Are digging and crafting actually used for anything? I honestly can't tell if there's any point to doing them at all, currently, though I saw you added more crafting recipes at some point? I'm a bit confused on that point.

6. Getting into "definitely suggestions and not bugs or not understanding something" things now; Great Beast transformation variants would be great. You can get Brulvundojn's cock at the start, and some extra hair from fucking him, but it's also mentioned somewhere that the Great Beasts have different lightrot strains than the gheists, so having full transformations for Astau and especially Brulvundojn would not only make sense, but also be great for people that don't want to look like a gheist themself. Plus, if you start out estranged from Brulvundojn, you mention having been scared of getting a wolf head or something along those lines. What if I want a wolf head and explosive saliva, huh?

7. An expansion on Brulvundojn in general; If you start out as fuckbuddies there's no real talking with him, and even if you don't you only discuss your shared history. It feels like we know Astau better, sometimes. Also, since Brulvundojn acknowledges you as his consort when you visit with Khru (even if just to tease you), it'd be really hot to make that an actual thing, like an at least somewhat romantic relationship. Honestly, that'd be fun to see with Raven too, and maybe Gawann?

8. A "postgame" option would be great, and likely doable without TOO much extra work.  When talking to Zhalk the final time, an option like "not ready to end this yet" could appear, and clicking it could reopen the other gheists' menus to repeat their quests so you could play with them more if you want without replaying everything to get to them, and same goes for the humans (though I don't know if they have content in town already). Or hell, even an option to stay in town but promise to visit the hive so you can chat with them all there, though that'd require more writing. Regardless, a more "sandbox-y" point would be nice so people don't have to replay to access scenes that vanish after a certain point, which is most of them.

Uhm... I feel like I had more somewhere in my brain, but this is getting long already. I'll tack it on as a reply if I think of something else. I'd love to hear your thoughts on all of this if only to sate my own curiosity. 

And again, the game's writing is some of the best I've played. Thanks for the read.


hey, thank you! i'm glad you enjoyed the game, and it's always nice to get a big substantive comment on a thing.

1. whoops, i'll fix that. apparently that one scene is the only place where that specific typo exists, but who can really say what other misspellings are lurking around. also it's spar! as in 'a stout rounded usually wood or metal piece', like a piece of rigging. it's got connotations of like, jutting out and being pointy, so, you know, dicks.

2. whoops, i'll try to fix that. a few of the exile encounters were bugged out in various ways, and i think i've managed to fix most of them while working on 1.1, but it's been a while since i worked on that bit so i don't remember if i already fixed that one.

3. yeah, one of the things that i never really got finished before the release was having the various human squad characters meaningfully stay around in the town. once you complete each character's little 'sidequest', they just show up in town once and then vanish, since i never finished writing their dedicated town appearance sections. (a lot of town interaction got cut -- other npcs, more interaction between gheist in town, being able to talk to the gheist characters in town and redo most/all of their sex scenes if desired, etc)

4. yeah, it's an issue. the problem with adding extra moves at this point is that a bunch of content is structured assuming that there will be at least one camp between the village and the destination -- for example, the lightrot caves are four steps away from the village, which means if i bumped up the moves limit by just one then it'd be possible (and likely) to totally skip jinn's camping sequence during his survey, or the pregnancy trip pre-birth and post-birth scenes, or a bunch of other scenes. so i'd also have to move around a bunch of things to make them further away from each other, which would just make the world map seem even more big and empty. it's definitely not ideal, and if i was redoing things from scratch i'd try to avoid the issue, but at this point too much stuff is paced around there being a camp sequence or two between events for me to change it.

5. nope! they will be in the 1.1 patch, whenever i finish that, but currently there's not really any scenes locked behind scavenging and crafting stuff.

6. oh yeah, it's like... that would be nice, but that would be an _enormous_ amount of content -- having the wolf dick tf was bar none the biggest content addition to the game, since it required not only a bunch of totally unique sex scenes / large content splices for other sex scenes, but also there's a whole bunch of custom dialog: all the city human sex scenes have branches for having a human dick / gheist dick / wolf dick, as well as several for other gheist tfs, and some of them get pretty elaborate. like, adding a wolf head tf would mean i'd have to go back to add a custom branch for every kissing / oral scene to change the blocking for having a muzzle, plus whatever custom branches i'd need to add in generally (like, custom dialog for basically every interaction with a city human). actually in the various drafting stages of writing this, i had outlined like five dick tfs and three more great beasts, each with an associated bodily tf, (...and an entire other half of the game's story) and i pretty much immediately had to cut all of that just because it would have easily quadrupled, quintupled, the amount of writing in the game.

7. yeah in retrospect i could've added a lot more... dialog, to the game. for a while i was using the same dialog toy you see in the human siege section with the gheist, and there's no reason why that couldn't work with astau / brulvundojn / dante & malsatante / ophion, it was just at the time i was looking at writing another six-or-seven dialog topics, with multiple responses based on game state, for all the gheist characters _too_ and i just cut it. but something like that with custom topics for all the great beasts would probably help a lot towards actually fleshing them out as characters; one of the weirder aspects of the game is that you only ever get to talk in-depth to the city humans and not to any of the other characters (well, astau, once) even though the city humans are the characters you're most antagonistic with.

8. yeah, like i mentioned a few points above, at one point the plan was to just be able to talk to the gheist in the town, and after you'd done their survey section you'd be able to rerun their sex scenes, or get threesomes. that might make it into 1.1; it's partially focused on adding stuff to the town so there's a bit more stuff there. about sex scenes being non-repeatable, i was actually a little surprised myself -- one of the things i've added already in 1.1 is a big chart of sex scenes that gets tracked as you play the game, and something i realized is that i don't think it's possible to get even half of them in a single playthrough, since so much of the content is mutually-exclusive or single-change. i feel like there's a balancing act between every sex scene being repeatable (and thus kind of contextless and unmoored in the current story beat) vs. every sex scene being really tightly written into its story context but being a one-time missable sequence; there's definitely a lot of the latter in this, which is kind of unusual for a somewhat 'sandboxy' game, but that's how it is i guess.

you might notice a general theme here is "oh yeah this was planned but i ended up cutting it"; when i was like a year-and-change into writing this i really buckled down and made a list of everything left to write (and it was a really long list), tried to realistically look at my writing pace (slow), and started ruthlessly cutting stuff down in the hopes of finally being able to release the game. most of 1.1 is just gonna be re-adding in cut content that was never finished, and fleshing out some of the bits of the game that are noticeably barren and empty right now.

(1 edit)

Thanks for the response! I definitely can't fault you for prioritizing, but it's really nice to hear that you plan on adding a lot of stuff back in over time!

Edit: To elaborate now that I've woken up a bit:

1. Huh, I learned something new today.  It seemed too consistent to be a mistake  but I'd never seen the word before.

2. Glad to hear it'll get fixed; Raven's my favorite~

3. At least that wasn't a bug. I'll elaborate on the "postgame" thing farther down.

4.  That does make sense... Maybe you could implement something so that you "move slower" while traveling in a group? So when you're alone scavenging or wandering, you can move five tiles, but when on a quest with an npc it's only four? That'd make sense mechanically without disrupting the things reliant on the four-tile movement system, I think.

5. Good to know! Not sure what all you have planned for crafting in the long run but you could definitely manage some fun stuff with it.

6. Wolf dick is definitely best dick. And yeah, can't blame you for being hesitant to go all in on something like that... I'd definitely recommend doing a full wolf transformation at some point though, if only because there's already two pieces of it implemented. And to be fair, TF is something that's perfectly doable to implement a bit at a time.  Like, the easiest next step would be making wolf dick achievable without starting with it, and a second stage to the fur TF already ingame, since I'm pretty sure that doesn't really come up in conversation currently... though a full pelt would, ideally.

7. I definitely agree here. Dialogue's important for connecting with characters, but also for lore and understanding the world. Currently though? I'm not sure what lightrot is, how/when it appeared, or if gheists are actual aliens or just a race derived from lightrot-mutated humans that gets referred to as "alien." There's a lot of world here, and a lot of interesting details, but very little greater context given to understand it in.

8. Yeah, I was surprised by the number of non-repeatable/limited-time scenes too. The "postgame" thought was mostly an "endgame sandbox" suggestion though; a way to access the scenes once you've hit the end of the game, even without context. Something like a... temporary "fix" for the fact that at the very end, you're locked out of nearly all sex scenes due to both the humans and gheists being unavailable.

Love this game :D

I will write a longer, proper review too, just wanted to say that I'm totally in love with this game, played it a dozen times and never got bored. You're writing style is very unique and great, also I never thought that a game like this even existed, it's just so perfect and also you have a great talent when it comes to ideas too: I extremelly enjoyed the mutation details, it's like the next level of awesomeness.! Thank you very much for sharing it with us, and I hope someday there will be more games from you like this one or you'll add a bit more to this. So thank you again, you're great, keep up the good work!


hey, thank you! i'm currently working on a 1.1 patch for this that'll contain a grab-bag of new content, plus i got a bunch more projects in the works, so i should have more to show off in the future

Firstly thank you very much for your reply, and I'm sorry that I write back just now. I watch you on Patreon too, so I tried out your other games too, but I'm not so smart for puzzles and I just walked around (still can't figure out the right answers in the werewolf story).  I also like to add that I really like your writing style, descriptions, and the dialogues are very hot too, that's the only thing I wish it had a bit more.
Thank you very much again, I wish you luck with all projects and I'll be waiting for the new content then! 

Are we meant to be able to do anything in the human siege scenario?

there is a 'successful' resolution, but there's basically no guidance how to get it or feedback if you're making progress -- the in-game walkthrough (from the title page) has a reference guide for what to do


Need more

An amazingly written game for certain, but can't wait for the extra content coming in update 1.1

Deleted 1 year ago

hey, thanks for your review / comment! feedback is always really nice to get.

oh yeah the city humans are definitely intended as this kind of pitiable bunch halfway-disillusioned with their horrible authoritarian society that's most of the way crumbled and just aggressively ruining the lives of everybody involved. not a great situation for them to be in!

yeah the pc never really being referred to with gendered pronouns is on purpose. i mean, also, they really don't come up much; i think there's only like one or two scenes -- threesomes -- in the entire game where it came up at all. there's this general undercurrent of gender not really being constructed in the same way, both among the gheist and among humans, but that wasn't really something i went very in-depth into in the finished game, since, you know, it is ultimately all relationships-that-would-be-interpreted-as-gay porn, etc. like, probably in gheist jinn uses different pronouns than everybody else, but those pronouns would be closer in connotation to the royal we than anything specifically about gender. though, some of my favorite dialog to write was the 'you explain human biological reproduction to the gheist' scene. what do you mean, only some humans can carry eggs. what do you mean, humans keep the eggs inside their body until they're born? what do you mean the egg bursts inside you?! gross.

about gameplay -- yeah, i sketched this out without any clear 'mechanics' and then just kind of glommed some stuff together. a lot of porn games go with the main mechanic of like, 'sexy fighting', which i really wanted to avoid, but, well, part of the reason why a lot of games go with that is because it's an easy mechanical system that people know how to interact with. i have some vague plans to revise + expand some of the scavenging + crafting mechanics in a later patch, but the mechanics are really only ever there to gate content, so... yeah, it's not that important.

yeah going forward i'm hoping to have a little better grasp on how to structure mechanics, if only to provide a little more of a streamlined game flow than this one, but i guess we'll all see how that goes.


I really enjoyed this but how lomg do the eggs take to mature?

(1 edit)

depending on the eggs somewhere around three to five in-game days, i think? but in most cases you have to specifically trigger the birthing sequence by visiting the gheist survey camp (which in turn requires a little progress through the 'main quest'); it doesn't happen automatically

Found the scene thx for the help hahaha

OH! Also, thank you for all of your hard work and effort I can see that you put into this game. It's very much appreciated!


OMG plz, plz, plz! Make a sequal. Like seriously, even if it takes another 2 yrs...I would gladly pay for another text NSFW adventure based game like this. This was entirely fantastic! Plus, I would love the option to see the Survey group functioning among their own families and their society underground. To read what the Hives look like, maybe the option to start a family of laying eggs you can actually keep with a said partner from the group? That would be interesting and new. You could create a whole other world entirely in a sequel (despite this being a time-consuming project I very much hope you will) and it would be really awesome and fun to explore.  Plus of course all of the NSFW content, maybe with even a little deeper storylines between all of the Survey characters.

ty for the comment! i'm glad you enjoyed the game

the original plan for the game did actually involve heading out to the hive and staying there for a while, with a bunch of different 'endings' radiating out from there, but in the interest of time i had to cut the latter half of the game. i definitely might do some further content patches (i run development polls on my patreon, and one of the options is sometimes 'a content patch for 'the new hive'') in the future, but idk if i'll ever get to the point of adding in all that.

(fun fact, there's actually a haphazard mess of hive-related cut content still in the game -- if you go into the game's frame and run

state.display("blackrock mesa")

in the javascript console, that jumps to the unfinished "entering the hive" intro. it's basically all fragmentary, unfinished development notes, though.)

I hate to ask, but I've been trying to find a solution where the humans aren't 'escorted' off the premises for about an hour now, and I can't for the life of me find one.  Could you please tell me in a Spoiler???  

there's a section in the walkthrough that mentions how to get the alternate endings to that sequence, but if you don't want to scroll through other spoilers, here's a summary:

(spoilers for that sequence below)

each character has certain scenes that give them 'points', and when the overall number of points is past a certain level, you get an alternate ending, with different characters doing different things based on their individual points.

  • leader / agares: asking him 'why are you in town' several times will give him a point. talking to him about 'human army command' once or twice will give him another point
  • second-in-command / leraje: trying 'make smalltalk' several times gives him some points. asking him 'why are you in town' twice after asking agares several times will give him another point and unlock a new talk option, 'human army command'

  • munitions guy / maxwell: wait a few days, then try 'make smalltalk' twice. blowing him gives him one point, and choosing 'make smalltalk' a third time gives him another. the sex option of riding his dick also gives him a point.

  • recon guy / raven: asking him if he wants to fuck three times and then blowing him gives him a point. after that some of his sex options will give him another point

  • rook: asking him where he's from gives him one point. talking to him about a few different options and then choosing 'make smalltalk' will unlock a whole sequence that leads to him having sex options; having sex with him will give him a point. if i've also had sex with maxwell, there are options to have a threesome (by asking about 'gheist dicks') that will give him another point

(in retrospect, making a lot of these depend on asking people the same thing repeatedly when most of the conversation topics just repeat with no change wasn't very good game design. it can definitely be tough to hit enough of those within the given time limit, but they're all possible!)

Oh!!  I didn't even realize there was a walkthrough!!!  Sorry about that ;;; and thank you for your response : )

oh wow, this was a ride for me! i literally only found this by going through games listed as nsfw and text-based, looking for...something almost exactly like this. (and i only say "almost" because i'm probably not the main intended audience - queer woman instead of queer man, and i know i'm not obligated to "confess" this, and not that i didn't enjoy the game fully, i just don't want to make this weird, and i think i'll shut up now) i clicked because the title got my attention :D great job and thank you so much! the story was very good and balanced with the actual porn scenes, i could focus my attention at the story aspects too, and as a previous commenter said, it would be compelling even without the sex scenes! i was initially a bit...wary at the beginning about the mutations, seeing as i played corruption of champions before this, and sometimes that got too much and too distracting, here it was just very hot <3
the scavenging thing was interesting, too, but i didn't really get anywhere with it, but maybe i just didn't have the patience :D oh, and another little thing, thank you so much for the little text that always shows where you are in relation to the town, and where you need to go if you're on a quest, i'm so bad at remembering this stuff.
my favourite parts were probably a) the one with brulvundojn if MC goes to him when he has astau's eggs, b) when MC asks ophion for the lightrot, b2) really just ophion scenes in general. but really i loved it all, as i said, wonderfully done, thank you so much, i'll definitely check out your other works <3


very belatedly, but i'd just like to thank you for your comment! whenever i get a long comment i always want to wait until i can compose a proper response and then most of the time enough time goes by that i forget entirely.

anyway i'm glad you enjoyed the game! (personally i think that the whole like, queer fandom spaces are appropriating gay men's lifestyles, discourse point is incredibly ridiculous & ultimately anybody who enjoys the game is welcome to it. anyway that's a tangent.)

i tried to strike a balance between character interaction and sex, and although i think in retrospect i could've easily added like 30% more dialog sequences for everybody, on the whole i'm glad people are enjoying it. and yeah like, definitely some games have a certain tone with their transformation content that i didn't really want to hit with this, so i'm glad that worked for you too.

anyway thanks for the comment! it's always good to hear from people who played the game

I'm getting a "bad expression: i is not defined <<if>> bad condition: state.history[0].variables.gheistSex is undefined" error towards after the last expedition. I assume this error is the reason why I'm getting a "0 sees you and waves" as well as no final sex scene with "0", just a "You and 0 make out for a bit before(...)" . Should I be doing something differently?

Oh no, that's definitely a bug on my end. I fixed that specific chunk of code and just pushed another patch, so now the game should correctly calculate which character you end up with there. 

Thank you! It's definitely fixed the bug with determining which character I end up with, but I still get the "You and gawann make out for a bit before(...)" penultimate screen. Is it meant to be that way?

No, that's still busted; I'll have to look at that bit of code in a little more detail than I thought, since it sounds like there are two unrelated issues there instead of one. Thanks for telling me though, because whoops that's kind of a big issue to have left in.

No problem; I'm a huge fan of your writing, and looking forward to seeing your next project!

Okay, sorry it took a while, but the new update should fix the logic in those two steps!

Also ty! I don't know if you kept up with patreon posts, but the super-early tech draft of the next project is around and I'm slowly starting up that whole thing.

I think got soft locked when going to the fortress to see Agares.  There was no option to go back or progress.

Whoops. I think I found the issue, but to be sure, how far were you in talking with him? First trip? Returning?

It was the second/ return talk.

Okay so both 1.0c and 1.0d should have that bug fixed, and hopefully his entire sidequest should be completeable now.

- Sorry to say but have a similar issue as per below. Couldn't progress:

"It's Maxwell. He's set up a camp, and dammed the tiny trickle of water with rocks and sand to form a puddle...."can't find matching endif"He waves. "Forget something?"

- I think you can't reach the "Human Army Command" speech option in the new version? No matter how many times i repeated "why are you here" for Agares and Leraje, I could not get it to appear.

After going back to previous versions with the same save, I was able to do it easily.

- Will you also be able to do multiple saves?

Whoops, sorry for the late response, I got pretty caught up in my new projects and let bugfixing this fall by the wayside. I'm gonna go over that sequence + the other exile sequences and try to catch that bug and other similar bugs like it and hopefully have a fixed version out in a day or two.

About 'human army command', I don't think I changed literally anything in the dialog code between this version and the last, but I'll give it a look to make sure.

More save games... that's something I could do going forward, but it would be tricky to retrofit onto this game without blowing away everybody's existing saves. what I could do is rework the 'dump save' link into an export/import save menu, so it could be possible to switch or back up saves manually using that.

hi im having some issues running the game. I'm using chrome on a win7 station and this is the only screen with nothing appearing to be interactive.

I've tried disabling all addons and making sure the browser is up to date.

Anything else i might be missing? are there any alternative programs i could use to run the html?



Oh boy, this is probably due to some Chrome-specific way of handling the twine 1 engine. I vaguely remember there was some big thing recently about it changing the way it runs javascript that breaks a bunch of twine games. It could also be to some code that chrome just happens to not like.

If you can open up the developer console (apparently Shift+J or maybe through a right-click or menu option) and if there happens to be a big error message somewhere in the console window, if you c&p the error message I might be able to fix it, but probably your best option is to just use a different browser.

hmm heres the message i found... not sure what could be preventing access to wherever this local storage is, i tried with firewall+AV off. If its not an easy fix, no worries, i can install another browser.

Uncaught DOMException: Failed to read the 'localStorage' property from 'Window': Access is denied for this document.
    at Object.init (
    at main (
    at init (

Oh huh, from looking that up...

Does this link work: ? That's the direct link to the game file on the hosting servers, rather than the embedded-in-page one you get from the game page. It kinda sounds like Chrome doesn't like the part where they're on different servers, which I guess makes sense because that would technically make it a third-party cookie/site data thing.

thanks that did it!


You made the MC have penis transformation but... I found 3 scene and give up. The monster always penetrated the MC. I don't like MC's useless penis. Such a waste potential. You might add more content in the future, but this is a terrible first impression for ME. Maybe I'll come back later.

I've been unable to find broken masonry and I think worn wire and worn wires are counted as separate things.

Whoops yeah there was a problem with those specific recipes. I just released a bugfix that should fix those issues.


I like the game. I hope it becomes more fully developed. Scavenging and crafting is interesting but it doesn't exist to do anything. I'm assuming it would have been used to repair the truck I found, but it's unfortunately kind of pointless in this otherwise well written game. The world is well explained without time being wasted on exposition. And the scenes are well written. It's not often I find a m/m game with oviposition. That was definitely a good surprise for me.


This game is amazing! 


!! wow, i had no idea this was going to be published already! i've followed your work for a lil while now -- since finding hell game a few years back, and i still play that from time to time -- but i've never really been able to afford to support ppl on patreon ... i'm excited this came to fruition! 

that said i should actually go ahead and play the thing huh


Might I suggest either speech text coloured based on who is talking or more variety in how you say somebody is about to speak.
For example:  He gives you a surprised look, "Nah, not human. Born from an egg and everything."

As long as you mention some kind of action or reaction by the person about to speak it suggests they are the one speaking, by having some cases where you outright state you say, "" but using emotions or actions leading to speech to add variety it makes conversations more engaging to read than a chain of he says"", you say "", he says "".

On the text colour approach you don't need to say anything to show who says what as that is identified by the text but mixing in descriptions of peoples actions helps add emotion to a conversation still and looks better than just a colour changing wall.

I hope that made sense and the feedback is useful


Just started the game. Who are ĝheist monsters, there is no explanation? What does "ĝheist" mean?

Yeah, a bit of exposition would be nice...

Yeah, it's not really intended to know exactly what the term means at the start. Ultimately the terms the game uses do get explained, just, a bit later on. The first big village event lays out just who and what the ĝheist are, as well as their position in the setting.

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